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Things you should consider when purchasing a domain name.
Each year companies spend thousands of dollars on Google AdWords to get a better search listing when a good descriptive domain name may do the same for much less money or at least significantly cut down on their advertising budget. Spending on a good domain name now can save you a lot of money on advertising in the future. Generic dotcom domains are the gold standard of domain names. is the ideal domain name, whether for a South Florida ticket agent, South Florida ticket broker selling South Florida sports tickets and concert tickets, a South Florida traffic school or for an attorney that fights traffic tickets in South Florida. is the prefect domain name if you are in the South Florida ticket business. will get a top search listing. You will get a better search listing by having the generic descriptive keywords "South Florida Ticket" as part of the domain and save more than the cost of the domain over time by spending less on advertising. Buying a good keyword domain name can save several thousands of dollars in just a few years.

If you are unfamiliar with the term "keyword domain" it simply means that the word or words that a person types in the search engine is part of the domain name. You would save more than the cost of the domain over time by spending less on your company's annual advertising budget because search engines would use the descriptive generic domain in the search listing, giving your site a better ranking. That translates into more customers for you.

The best domain extension is ".com" everyone world-wide is familiar with it and every search engine picks it up for listing. While most country code extensions only get listed in search engines in their own country, will get listed in search engines all over the world because a ".com" domain name is not restricted like many country code extensions. is easy to spell, easy to remember and the best generic South Florida ticket domain name available.

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